Digital Imaging #17

Another motion graphic made by me! This project was to focus on rotation tools. Everything was made by still images being transformed with mostly rotations, scale, position, and opacity. I made the images rotate horizontally by using the scale transformation, giving the illusion of an edge between. I like emphasizing bounce at 0:01 by having images “crash” into the frame by starting big and quickly scale down and up again a bit, along with adding an After Effect bubbles effect. at 0:04 I followed the tempo of the song by having the image rotate around x times the tempo repeats and change its position. at 0:06 I used z rotations to make it look like it’s rotation diagonally. 


Digital Imaging #16

This is a kinetic typography project that I created! 

This was made in Adobe After Effects and my theme was a love song with certain anime couples. I have these shapes rotating at opposite corners of the whole movie except one picture (probably an error!) I like to bring up the motion in 0:11 with the text and image. I have the text have a speedy effect where it fades and stretches as it moves and focuses in place. The background image moves like a camera intensively. It cuts to the next scene where the text rotates and moves with the background image. You can see the text kind of chop up a bit and overlap each other as it moves. The rest of the text, like in 0:13, stretches up and back down slowly to create a smooth bouncy effect. At 0:07 I attempted to smoothy transition shots from the cloudy background by using opacity and later on brightness and fade. 

Digital Imaging #15


This lyric video shows the creator’s understanding of motion graphics used in lyric videos. It is made of still images and text that are being faded, panned, zoomed and rotated. Certain words and rhythms are expressed by the intensity of the animation and specific images, such as stick figures with “run children run” and words like “die” “run away” “life” and so on are expressed with a very stylized red font. 1:54 consisted of a dancing scene from a game that goes along with the song with motion graphics overlapping the video clip. 

Digital Imaging #14

This is a lyric video and an MV in one. The editor composed this with still images and various transformations such as pans, zooms, fades, and rotations. Most shots are edited in a shaky camera motion. The images that have some sort of “motion” to them besides panning looks very puppeteer-ey. The editor must’ve lassoed the parts and made them move in a separate layer and group those together to move them all.

Digital Imaging #13

Ariana’s lyric video for her newest song is a cool example of type & moving image. It’s a very simple motion graphics where the background cuts to different folds and the bits of paper pop up revealing the next word in the lyrics. The paper words flow instead of being a still image. There is a mask on top of the overall animation giving a “glitch” or film effect. A couple of times the background rotates and moves to a different section and the lyrics appear again, showing that the background is a much bigger image than what’s really in the frame.

Digital Animation #16


This animation has a lot of smooth movement due to squash and stretch and timing. Squash and stretch give a bouncy vibe to the characters and the timing with the frames help them look smoother.

Follow through, Overlapping action & Drag occurs throughout the animation which also creates a smooth movement. Drag on the hair occurs on Team Rocket’s brief introduction (0:27). Follow through & overlapping action occurs Pikachu’s ears when he is put into battle (0:36).

it looks like Frame by Frame animation was used on a majority of the assets. The characters have frame by frame animation, of course, the animator must’ve created the in betweens from the primary frames. Another example is Muk. Muk is a “globby” character so frame by frame animation along with onion skin will help make Muk move smooth an natural.

Digital Animation #15

Animators love to use squish & squash to emphasize Kirby’s gumball shape. This occurs when Kirby inhales and swallows the other characters and takes their powers. Another example is the bouncy characters at 1:09.

This animation looks like it was made frame by frame due to the blinkiness of outlines.

Follow-through, overlapping action and drag is present with the other characters. For example at 0:08, the fire character’s outline is wavy to emphasize the fire and as he is getting sucked in, the body twisting makes it look natural and almost resisting.