Character Design

Character Sketches [Shi]skull character colored

I always had a vision of a cute grim reaper character named Shi.

Story: Shi is petite girl who dresses up as a grim reaper whenever she goes out in public and does really basic things such as grocery shopping, walking in the park and commuting by bus and train. She decides to dress up like the grim reaper to put a twist on the whole superhero concept, that most super heroes should be vibrant in color and personality. But deep down, because of her personality, she believes a dark themed character will make her seem tougher and lethal. She decides to call herself Shi because it means death in Japanese, which no one understands at all and misunderstands it as “she”. Shi is a really clumsy, bubbly, and down to earth person. Her scythe is made of foam she means no harm she wants to do good for her neighborhood. She believes she is a epic character, this is where the art style changes to a more mature version of the character. People seeing her is an ordinary thing so call her a “weirdo”. Kids seem to like her too because of her size, but she feels misunderstood by older people.

I’m still deciding what her day/night job is. We barely see her true identity, so how would she get a job? Should she work from home doing an artsy job?

Below I sketched out the basic body proportions of the character inside and a few ideas on how she really looks. The proportions helped me greatly create the overall character.