Cubism: Cute but Deadly




My cubism piece is based on plush animals. We always see them as cute and comforting, however I used cubism to portray them as the exact opposite and it’s a rather disturbing sight. I was inspired by the pink plush in particular I bought from NYCC, it called to me because of it’s cute face, even if it has bloody claws. I researched the character “Gloomy Bear” and there are very graphic images! I had this other plush, Rilakuma, who is a popular bear character in Japan and the U.S so I used him as well to portray this message.

Cubism Facts

Cubism is a style of art from the 20th century that began in France and was highly influenced by technology. This style uses geometric shapes, interlocking planes and eventually collage, abandoning perspective with a single viewpoint. The subject matter can sometimes be delectable even when its created with geometric shapes and some can be overall abstract. Some cubism is made by painting, photography or digital editing. Picasso is a famous example of an artist who works with cubism (two last examples)


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Personal Inspirations

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