Digital Animation Post #5


Spiderman is famously known for his web-slinging. In the newest trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Arcs were used to enhance the way the spider-men swung, fight, or any other simple movement. The characters’ bodies bend in different ways and the more arcs used the more powerful their movements are.

Appeal in this trailer is very interesting. Spider-Man is mostly known for a skinny muscular physique, however in this storyline Peter Parker looks worn out and retired from his Spider-Man days. He wears sweatpants with his Spider-Man shirt and mask. Miles Morale’s Spider-Man suit looks like the colors switched with each other from Peter’s suit; the overall suit is black but the small details are red. The red makes the suit pop out more. Gwen Stacy’s / Spider-Gwen’s suit is purple and white, which makes her more feminine. She also has blue ballet shoes which show how acrobatic she is. The hood however shows her “shady” or “cool” personality. Lastly, smaller characters emphasizes their youth while taller and more bulky character emphasize how older or how stronger they are.


Digital Animation Post # 4


There’s a majority of different appeals in the Powerpuff Girls series. The Powerpuff Girls themselves are portrayed very small compared to other character, emphasizing their youth. Their eyes are really big and their outfits match, besides the color, showing that they are a team. Professor X is shown as a tall man with a geometric design and a lab coat, emphasizing his profession and age. The girls however are made with organic shapes. When you watch 0:40 you can see all the villains, each of them having different designs. You can tell they are villains by the change of music and their angry expressions and gestures. Their expressions and gestures unify the characters showing they are in same team.
The girls’ colors are really important because the colors emphasizes the characters’ personalities. For Blossom, pink is a symbol for flowers, a cherry blossom in this case, playful and loving. Bubbles is blue, which symbolizes water, tranquility, and trust, emphasizing how sweet and innocent a character she is. Finally Buttercup’s green is a symbol of courage and bravery, energy and ambition, even jealously, emphasizing how she is the toughest character of the group.

The use of Staging in the Powerpuff Girls trailer emphasize the importance of characters. occurs at 0:40 too with the villains. Mojo Jojo is the main villain of the series, hence he is shown first, and then the camera pans rightward to the other villians. When the Powerpuff Girls are shown, Blossom is placed in the center and is the first to appear due to her being the leader of the group. After the two groups run at each other, there is a blank space when the girls fly at different angles, giving space to a villain they will soon strike and defeat. For example, Bubbles is placed on the center left flying up, where she uppercuts Fuzzy Lumpkins.

Digital Animation Post #3

There’s some interesting principles of animation present in the opening for Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Staging in this video is very important. Windows and spacing in most scenes give a hint to where the characters appear. For example, Mac runs up the stairs to the left, where the scene cuts to Wilt appearing in a taller window showing all of him and a smaller window on the bottom left where Mac appears. This cuts to them running up the stairs to the top right, however shows two windows and cutting to the next scene revealing Edwardo. Edwardo’s scene shows three windows, a big one with all of Edwardo is revealed, and two windows on his left, one high enough to reveal Wilt’s face.
Overall they use heights and sizes of the windows to emphasize the character’s sizes. 

This brings us to the use of the appeal principle. For example, Wilt is drawn tall and Edwardo is drawn stocky, however all of the main characters are happy showing their personality. Edwardo looks scary but in the show he has a fragile personality; if he was tough he would of had a meaner expression. Mr. Harriman on the other hand is the strictest character in the opening scene, as he is the only one not smiling. as the main characters pass him he turns and points, showing how strict he will be in the main series. Madam Foster is drawn as a very tiny elderly woman, showing her gentleness and kindness. She is also placed on the top, emphasizing how she looks upon the characters.

Timing is used in sync with the music. First example is the very beginning when the music starts slow as the home is being drawn and when it zooms into the door the main theme starts. The music gets calmer and almost mysterious at 0:43 as Bloo boringly waits in the window, the music then winds up and goes happy again when Mac is revealed.
This scene uses Anticipation as well, as Bloo pauses after circling around mac and prepares his body to make a jump at Mac. The scene uses Staging with the use of the door in the back, showing that someone will appear in that area.


Digital Animation Post #2

This random scene of Obake Chan shows several principles of animation. The Anticipation in this scene is very interesting.

Theres slight lack of Anticipation that occurs in the part where the man walks and his toupee flies away. Of course, it was unexpected. The movement of the object shows that it was blown away from the wind.
There was no Anticipation, however, when Obake Chan jumps to catch the toupee. She awkwardly floats up and catches it. She noticed the object in the air, but we never expected her to jump up and catch it. There’s anticipation when the baseball player winds his arms up to throw the ball, along with Secondary Action in the legs. This also gives a clue that he throws it to Obake Chan, who also with Anticipation, winds up and throws it onto the man’s head.
In my opinion, the lack of Anticipation makes the animation much humorous and random because the audience would never know that would happen.

Staging is used on the scenes more space for what’s to come. The businessman starts on the far right, and the toupee flies to the left where there’s more space. Obake Chan is placed mid left because the toupee is flying from the right. After she throws it to the left, the businessman is in the middle of the scene and the toupee comes from the right.

Squish & Squash is used on the baseball and the toupee to emphasize it’s intensity of speed when they were thrown. Arcs are used on the baseball player after he throws the ball. His body moves into a different position, making the action look more realistic.

The Timing principle on the baseball player is interesting. It looks like the artist used less frames when he winds up to throw the ball, making it appear slower, but a lot more when he throws the ball.

Digital Animation Post #1

Teen Titians is famous for their use of exaggerations in facial expressions. Beast boy is a humorous character, so exaggerations are needed to express the character. This principle shows in this scene of Teen Titans to emphasize how sick Beast Boy feels. The shape of his face changed, along with his eyes appearing sickly. Raven and Starfire also show this principle of animation from the way their style is drawn while they laughed, showing that the event is very humorous and childish.

Anticipation also takes place when Beast Boy’s body prepares itself for a huge sneeze.

Secondary Action occurs when Beast Boy throws his arms in legs in anger while in the hospital bed to emphasize how distraught he feels about him being sick.

The Timing principle occurs while Beast Boy sneezes to emphasize the intensity of the sneeze.

Follow through and Overlapping Action occurs on Beast Boy’s body when he sneezes, stretching back to also emphasize the intensity of the sneeze.

Animation Talk w/ Jim B.

An animator from Blue Sky Studios visited Valhalla Campus today! I learned a whole lot from his presentation. This studio is the one that made Ice Age!
“Draw like a kid, think like an adult” is one of my new favorite quotes!
He also showed us concepts and test animations of actual scenes from the movie.

I hope to follow his footsteps in the future and be a part of an animation studio!