Digital Animation #14


Swoozie is famously known for his animated stories. The appeal of the characters and environments are so simple and pleasing to look at. Some of the characters change in appearance as super detailed, such as the lady cop in the thumbnail comparing to her in the story. The breasts and the butts of the women brought up in the video are enhanced to emphasize their beauty and feminism.

The animation is smooth due to timing. One example is the lip movements (0:56) are made up of various different frames in between the main mouth openings to make it flow more naturally.

The characters look like they are animated frame by frame for their slow movements. Some examples are when the lady cop exits the car (2:16), when she stands and looks up (2:26) and when swoozie reaches to roll down the window (3:09). Some of the outlines are blinking which is another indication of frame by frame animation.



Digital Animation #13

This video has a smooth animation due to its timing. The faces on the characters move the most, where they slide up and down. Bodies rock back in forth in a gentle slow movement.

Solid Drawing is present as well. The characters are very simple in design and the lines are clean. Their clothes have overlap, indicating folds of the clothes avoiding flatness. The overall appeal is pleasing to look at. The hair is a solid color with a spec of lighter colors indicating shine. The skin is also a solid color, with some indication of shade. I personally call this art style the “gummy style”.


Digital Animation #12

I was first drawn to the appeal of the characters. Their appearance is very simple, and the dog, the main character, is very interesting with the way his head is bigger than his body. The owner is dressed in warm clothes and he has very big eyebrows where we cannot see his eyes. It’s hard to tell by the face how he is feeling, but the actions demonstrate it instead.

The pelican uses timing to emphasize humor and awareness about her need for the worms. For instance at 0:45 she takes a small step sideways and slowly eases towards the bucket of the worms at 1:12. When she flies away she all of a sudden appears back off frame and the camera points at her.

Exaggeration is used where the dog and the bird pulls the worm. In reality, worms do not stretch like that and I was expecting it to break in half but it didn’t.

The staging is very simple. The characters are located in the middle of a lake so their resources are limited to what’s in the water and what’s in the boat.


Digital Animation #11

The first thing we notice in this animation is the movement of the creature’s tail. This can be an example of follow through overlapping action / drag. You can also see this principl when the girl’s on the swing at 2:34.

As we keep watching the animation, the creature’s appeal changes throughout the seasons. In the fall he’s orange, in the winter he’s white, in the spring he’s yellow and in the summer he’s green.

It looks like Frame by Frame is used in this animation due to how the characters’ outlines are moved. It looks like they’re blinking, but the animator re drew and colored on top of the old drawing.

Digital Animation #10

Exaggeration is used intensely in this animation. Since the story is about a student feeling tired, exaggerated movements and items emphasize how tired he is. For instance, when student’s head was falling down, it transformed into a a variety of heavy objects (a weight, hammer, bowling ball) to emphasize how heavy it feels.

Slow in and Slow out is also used to emphasize the exaggeration of tiredness. For instance, when his head turns into the hammer (0:46), his head spins fast and slows down as it comes back up.

Staging is set up in rule of thirds. However, the screen shakes and tilts in the point of view of the main character; we see what he sees. Also, the character is surrounded by other sleeping students, showing that the overall class is very boring.

Digital Imaging #12


I’m in LOVE with this Portfolio Reel! One of my concepts was supposed to be a portfolio reel opening but I had some art block. Seeing this inspires me to try again in the near future. Elvian uses a lot of pop effects and xylophone music which gives off a friendly, fun, and cute vibe to the video. at 0:10 she introduces, in her own style, the software she has experience with. Every project is introduced with an animated icon and title with a transition to the examples.

Everything in this motion graphic is 2D/flat, despite the 3D work. Each “scene” is transitioned with some kind of motion graphic effects that involve shapes, either organic or geometric. They are introduced again in a friendly fun manner.

Digital Imaging #11

We started our type & motion project! This video was in the recommended under one example that was shown to us in class. I really like the rotation effect here so here are some thoughts on how this was made.

The stroked circle along with the things popping out from behind is under one group which rotates. The people, flowers, animals, etc are probably animated separately and imported as a GIF or key-framed within that group. There are no cuts, the big circle and the objects are all of the things that take place in this animation.

With the people, a bones tool was probably used since the animation looks very “puppeteerie”. The objects that have that “pop” effect are scaled from small to big and again very briefly to make a bounce effect.