After Effects

Most of these are projects from Animation & Motion Graphics class in PNW BOCES. I was a little extra on every project, not because I was over-achieving, but I really enjoyed After Effects! During our free time, and teacher absences, I always worked on After Effects and somehow still caught up to the class.

RWBY AMV – Unbreakable

I had free time during my BOCES class so I experimented with After Effects and one of my favorite bands and animated series. I’m super surprised this got over 5k views!
Feel free to look at my YouTube Channel

NOTE: I created when I was around 8 years old and I was experimenting with 2D Animation. I didn’t want to show my old YouTube channel, but I thought about it and it really shows the start of my interests with animation and how it improved and changed.

RWBY AMV – Immortal Flame [Clip]

Here’s another AMV I did, much shorter though. This was for a class assignment practicing transitions. I added some typography to it too.

Annie [Rotation Project]

This was a BOCES project focusing on the rotation tool in After Effects. I was a league fan back then and I thought the music would be perfect for a little Annie clip. I’m a big fan of bounce effects and syncing animation to music!

Anime MV Clip – Kinetic Typography Project

Kinetic Typography was super fun! I choose three of my favorite couples in anime. I got inspired by professional looking AMV’s with camera and text movements so I gave it a try for this project.

Commercial Project 

This project was to teach us how to advertise! I choose my favorite snack called Pocky. We also practiced green-screen. Our professor lend us some green-screens of her past students and we learned how to record our own too.