Final Project

final project ps jenn


The design elements I used within my design was shape, value, and color. For shape I used variety sizes of triangles and polygons. I used value and colors to show the overlapping of the shapes. The entire picture plane is utilized and activated. I used careful placement of the polygons to create interesting negative space. Concave shapes were utilized. I believe my composition is balanced. I carefully choose which colors the pieces are and apply them to different locations of the picture plane, along with filling in the negative space with smaller pieces. My composition is asymmetrical. Visual weight is distributed with the overlapping of the pieces. The visual flow of the designs starts from the brightest colors, such as the yellow, and moving around scanning the pace to understand the overlapping of the variety of different shapes from the different values of colors. The primary focal point is the yellow on the bottom left of the image and it follows the rule of thirds. I used color to decide on my focal point, so the yellow is the brightest color that pops out more. The painting creates the illusion of space through overlapping, scale, and value. The overlapping is shown by the values of the colors, and the shapes are shown by the size. I attempted to use pastel colors to give a gentle vibe. The center with the blue polygon gives a cool temperature whereas the ends with the yellows, oranges and light pinks give a warm temperature. However, theres more warm colors and the cool colors are quite light, so the overall painting is warm. Complementary colors were used when mixing paint to show the overlapping so I mixed the paints to saturate the color.

I have choose the adjective delicate for my final project. When I thought of delicate I thought of something being broken which results in many pieces. I also think of light colors because they give a soft gentle vibe. So I applied many light colors in my piece along with satisfying colors such as the purple in the bottom right and the blush-red colors to convey the adjective. I planned out the overall design on my computer on a digital art software, where I make the shapes and cut the shapes off to create more shapes and scatter them. I want the viewer to piece them together by looking at the colors and try to fit them with the shape that matches the color.

The successful aspects of my design are the different types of geometric shapes along with the choice of colors. The design also helped me understand mixing colors when the different colors from the color schemes overlap each other. There is repetition of shapes as if they belong with each other. My choice of colors with each piece along with the shapes of the pieces gives an overall balance. Some directional forces were used, such as the purple pointed shapes, however if I used more it would have shown a lot of depth. My focal point was first intended to be the dark values on the mid right of the painting, however the yellows pop out, along with the strange triangle shape with three different colors next to the big yellow shape on the left. Complimentary colors were used for the overlapping, for example, the blue overlapping with the orange results in a saturated brown. I was very careful painting the edges making them straight as possible, no curved pieces so there was much attention to detail. I believe I can improve on making the pieces more solid. There are noticeable brush strokes and I had difficulty making the colors displayed evenly. The piece shows professional craftsman ship with the careful appliance of the artist tape to give clean edges. The overall design does convey my intended meaning and I am personally satisfied!