Project 1: Dynamic Compositions

My design does include a primary focal point; they are the two merging thick wavy lines on the left and it is emphasized by their thickness and boldness of color and line, along with the use of the Rule of Thirds.
 A Visual Flow has been established that activates the entire picture plane. The eye follows the line starting from the focal point, moving upwards, passing the rectangle shape behind the flowing lines, then down to the thinner lines into another unique pattern on the bottom right.
 My composition successfully utilized repetition of shape and line with the flow of the thick and thin lines and the straight lines on the bottom right and behind the flowing lines.
 The drawing does display a confident use of the pitt pens and the drawing does explore variation in line quality/thickness.
 The successful aspects of my design were the focal point and the flowing lines transforming in size. The unsuccessful aspects of my design was the neatness of the bottom right lines, I think it could be much cleaner if I paid more attention to how the lines intersected.
The final design has been executed in a professional manner. I very carefully drew in my wavey flowing lines on top of my sketched outline so I can result in very clean lines, along with little to no mistakes despite the bottom right design if looked closely. I believe the mounting can do better, the rubber cement was challenging, but it turned out okay!