Project 3: Directional Dominance

Project 3

Craftsmanship: My final design has been executed in a professional manner. The designated materials are intentionally utilized with care, effort, and attention to detail – cut, pasted, and properly mounted to Bristol Board.
 Materials: My design utilizes the appropriate papers, paper sizes and pens, such as the 9 x 12 drawing paper and PITT pens.
 Composition: My composition utilizes the whole picture plane, is dynamic with a strong visual flow, containing a clear primary focal point adhering to the rule of thirds.
 Elements of Design: My design is abstracted from subject matter. Line qualities are skillfully utilized to create a full value range and establish a strong directional dominance and conflicts. Intentional usage of line width, length, proximity, implied lines within the shapes that the different thickness of lines create.
 Principles of Organization: My design presents a strong sense of movement by establishing directional dominance and directional conflicts; my shapes flow up to the center and the straight lines move diagonally across the picture plane. Rhythm, Emphasis and Focal Point, Unity and Asymmetrical Balance are clearly observed in my composition.


dynamic comp