Project 5: Self-Portrait Value


Self Critique

My final design has been executed in a professional manner. It has been cut, glued, pasted with even and clean brush strokes onto the bristol board with clean borders The acrylic paints were applied with care, effort, and attention to detail utilizing Black & white Acrylic paint onto 8×10 inch paper and Bristol board. Most of the areas in the design were covered, however. there are some noticeable tiny white areas of the drawing paper. The portrait occupies at least 80% of the composition. The values do match the original image. There are about 6-7 distinct values instead of all 9 values in my composition but they do establish broad value range. The portrait breaks each value into flat planes and shows no intentional outlines. The placement of all shapes and values follows the original image and maintains the facial proportions to create the illusion of depth. The value scale was neatly created My artwork and value scale was delivered on time, however with the time provided to me for little touch ups made my design even more better.


Comparision of the original image to the composition: